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Precision Directional Boring, Inc. is a leader committed to improving the safety and professionalism of the HDD Industry.  

Our goal is to continue raising our standards and that of the industry through innovative developments, education and training. From the company's founding, we have valued quality over quantity by basing our success on the successes of our clients. Our mission is to be a positive asset to our clients and to the successful completion of each and every project without compromising safety or integrity. From the granite formations of the Sierras to the clays of Northern California, Precision Directional Boring, Inc. continues to play a key role in some of the HDD industry's most challenging projects. Our team is ready to take your call and respond immediately.






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Directional Drilling

Precision Directional Boring specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling.
This is a trenchless method of placing utility lines without the need to disturb much of the existing surface.
At Precision Directional Boring we do it all Safe, Fast and Neat. Our team of professionals works with existing utilities and the knowledge of underground structures to place your utility needs without costly down time or major surface restoration. 
We have all the latest technology and state of the art equipment. Our highly trained personnel can get your job done at a competitive cost and in a timely fashion.  

ROCK DRILLING: Precision Directional Boring uses Ditchwitch All Terrain technology drill & steer in the rockiest of conditions. This system can steer, drill and backream in just about any type of soil—even solid rock—up to 1600 feet.

ON-GRADE SEWER: Precision Directional Boring utilizes AT technology along with a laser guidance system to achieve on-grade pipeline installation that can accurately install to within 1% of fall.

HDD Design

Precision Directional Boring provides a host of design and consulting services for all phases of underground projects, from feasibility studies to innovative design and engineering support through construction. 
We work directly for government agencies and private sector owners, and as a specialty sub-consultant to other engineering firms. 
Our leading-edge designs consider construction methods ranging from different specialties to accomplish the most complicated underground crossings. From preliminary and final design to construction support, our trenchless technology experts provide comprehensive services for even the most complex projects.

Utillity Location

Utility-detection is a two-step process, employing both radio detection and GPR. Our goal is to identify the type and location of these utilities in order to prevent damage to them and the surrounding environment as well as protect your workers on the job site. 

To provide the most comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based services should be used in conjunction with your state’s one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession.  Precision Directional Boring is proud of our commitment to safety, and we encourage our clients to obtain as much information as possible about project areas in order to ensure a secure and responsible work environment.

Precision Directional Boring can provide global positioning system (GPS) technology for use on your locating projects, such as environmental surveys and the detection of underground utility layouts. In conjunction with our GPR and electromagnetic induction technologies, we can use a hand-held GPS device to create a comprehensive map of the underground area of your job site that then can be overlaid onto CAD documents and / or Google Earth maps. Utilizing GPS technology along with our GPR and EMI services will give you a permanent record of the physical reference points of your project area’s underground environmental / utility layout.

Turnkey Solutions

Precision Directional Boring offers complete turnkey underground construction solutions for its customers. We will scan for utilities, pothole the utilities, dig the bore pit excavations, perform the HDD, tie-in the pipe, backfill, and finish with hardscape restoration Precision Directional Boring also offers additional services such as build trench/bore logs, red-lined prints and on-going infield evaluations and suggestions.


Horizontal Directional Drilling, otherwise known as HDD, is a trenchless method of installing underground pipe lines with minimal surface disruption. 
The HDD method utilizes a drill rig that is able to navigate a drill rod underground for extended distances. The diameter of the utility line may range from small diameter projects of 1" to larger diameter projects of 36" and larger.

Drilling is assisted with an environmentally safe drilling fluid. The drilling fluid is made up of primarily water and bentonite, a naturally occurring non-toxic clay mineral. The purpose of the fluids is to remove the cuttings, stabilize the borehole and act as a coolant and lubricant during the drilling process. 

Horizontal Directional Drilling allows the placement of underground utilities in limited-access, developed or restricted areas. Such areas include highways, freeways, parking lots, landscaped areas, or streams and rivers. Because the method is noninvasive, restoration in these situations is either greatly reduced or if not eliminated. This contributes to environmentally safe projects and can lead to project savings and enhanced public acceptance.
The HDD technique can be used in various ground conditions including hard rock, sand, silt and clay soil types.

This technology of horizontal directional drilling enables Precision Directional Boring to track and steer the drill head with the utmost precision around and under water, wet lands, existing utilities, roadways, parking areas, landscaping, retaining walls, steep embankments, and other obstacles that may be located below or above ground. 

The result of horizontal directional drilling is a greater degree of precision in placing the underground utilities without impacting the environment and the surrounding area. Alternate methods for underground utility installations include the traditional method of open dig trenching.




At Precision Directional Boring, quality is more than a process; it’s an attitude from top to bottom. Throughout the entire organization and in every phase of operation, Precision Directional Boring is trained to check specifications, inspect, measure, caliper and function test every piece of equipment before it goes in the hole and nothing is taken for granted. Whether components are new or under repair, qualified service technicians put them through the same battery of tests and visual inspections. Operators in the field re-test every tool to ensure nothing was damaged in transit. Service records and QA reports are available upon request for any piece of equipment Precision Directional Boring ships to a location. 


Precision Directional Boring strives to ensure that all areas of the workplace, under their direct control, conform with accepted industry practices as a minimum standard and that all employees are assured a healthful environment to pursue their careers. The family culture at Precision Directional Boring promotes fellow employees watching out for one another and encourages employee input anytime health issues arise. Environments outside of Precision Directional Boring’s direct control, such as the rig site, are monitored by the directional drillers for safe operating procedures. If warranted, management will intervene to ensure the proper steps are initiated to correct the situation.


Precision Directional Boring takes pride in being a responsible environmentally sensitive company. Hazardous materials are handled by specially trained personnel and disposed of in accordance to industry requirements and standards. We believe in doing everything possible to make sure our future generations will be able to enjoy the same environmental benefits as we do today.



Precision Directional Boring promotes a workplace where efficiency and safety go hand-in-hand. Every employee has been trained in on-the-job and off-the-job safety practices. Precision Directional Boring’s perfect OSHA safety records are attributed to the retention of experienced personnel that know how to do their job safely. Shop personnel are trained in facility safety and how to recognize and report workplace hazards. More experienced staff members mentor newer personnel in all worksite safety procedures.
Field personnel are trained to handle equipment safely on location and possess a full understanding of rig safety procedures. They know how to spot a potential problem and then take the proper action to ensure that safety hazards are minimized on location. They also undergo safe and defensive driver training to ensure they get to and from the field locations safely.